Tiap Pelatih Berbeda?

Oct 15th, 2015

Pentingnya mengetahui jenis suara dan kenapa tiap pelatih pedomannya tidak sama tertulis jelas di Wikipedia:

Voice classification is often used within opera to associate possible roles with potential voices. Several different voice classification systems are available to identify voice types, including the German Fach system and the choral music system among many others; no system is universally applied or accepted.

Voice classification is a tool for singers, composers, venues, and listeners to categorize vocal properties and to associate roles with voices. While useful, voice classification systems have been used too rigidly, i.e. a house assigning a singer to a specific type and only casting him or her in roles they consider belonging to this category.

While choral singers are classified into voice parts based on their vocal range, solo singers are classified into voice types based more on their tessitura – where their voice feels most comfortable for the majority of the time.


Dari pengalaman mengajar puluhan (kalau tidak ratusan) murid vocal selama 7 tahun ini; saya memiliki pendapat bahwa tipe suara dan jangkuan nada terkait erat, meskipun dua hal yang berbeda.